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N. Lee Wade is an American artist residing in Taylorsville, KY.
Lee is a Realist painter who primarily works with oil on canvas.

He enjoys painting subjects from nature as well as still life, with a
preference for a close-up view to capture intricate details. Some

of Lee's influences include Andrew Wyeth, John Singer Sargent,

and Gustave Courbet. A favorite quote from Gustave Corbet,
"Beauty lies in nature and reveals, once the artist has perceived it,

its own expressive power."

After obtaining a BS in Industrial Technology/Technical Graphics

and an AS in Technical Illustration from Western Kentucky University,

Lee studied oil painting and color with Mary Louise Schrodt of Schrodt
Art Studios in Louisville in the early 1980s. Subsequently, he pursued
a study of illustration and graphic design at the Central Academy
of Commercial Art in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In 1996, Lee established his own company, Wade Illustration

& Design, Inc., specializing in medical, med/legal, and technical
illustration, as well as marketing sales support, logo design,
and the development of promotional materials.

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